Senja - find Aurora in the north!

£690 + plane tickets
Senja, Norway

Find the Aurora Borealis above the Arctic Circle!

In the middle of the wintere we will set off for a beautiful island, not yet fully discovered by mass tourism. Senja is located in northern Norway, north of the Lofoten Islands, two hours away from Tromsø – a very popular Norwegian town called the „gateway to the Arctic”.

The location far to the north, long nights, a stable and relatively mild climate – all this makes Tromsø and Senja one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights in Europe. While tourists visiting Tromsø will go on long trips every day just to escape the city lights, for us a two-minute walk or even admiring the lights in the sky while lying in a jacuzzi is enough. Laukvik on the island of Senja, where we will stay, is located far from towns, light pollution is negligible, it is quiet, peaceful and close to nature – the ocean and the mountains.

Main attractions:

Northern Lights

Aurora hunting will be the priority of the trip. Long nights, four nights and the geographical location give us a great chance for a beautiful show in the sky.

Exploring the island

Senja is one of the greatest attractions of northern Norway – several hundred meters high vertical walls rise straight from the sea.

Snowshoe trekking

We will go snowshoeing to see one of the most beautiful Norwegian landscapes – Mount Segla and the surrounding fjords!

Dog sledding

One of the oldest means of transport used by humanity. We will use the services of a local, family company where dogs have a wonderful life, and a trip to pull a sleigh is the best fun and training for them!



19.35 – landing in Tromso. We will have to take long drive to Senja, but if we are lucky with the weather, we will see first northern lights!


We will set off at 9.30 to explore the northern part of the island. We will visit the surrounding fjords and mountains to be back around  4 PM to have dinner. Then we will watch for the northern lights – depending on the weather there, or we will take a bus in search of a cloudless sky.


Dog sledding trip. Departure after 7 to be in the south of the island before 9. Four hours on site – preparation of the sleigh, trip, walking the dogs, small snacks. Return to Laukvik, bath in the jacuzzi in the evening.


Snowshoe trekking!

Before sunrise we will go to Fjordgard to climb the Hesten mountain on foot – exactly to the pass between Hesten and Segla. This is one of the most beautiful views in Norway – the vertical wall of Segla makes a stunning impression, and the fjords and mountains surrounding it make it even stronger.

In the evening, last trip to see the Northern Lights.


Departure day.

We will leave Senja in the morning to take the first ferry to the other side and reach Tromso. First we will visit the polar museum in the city, then sightseeing and some free time. Departure to London in the evening.


We will spend the night in Laukvik – 5 kilometers from Botnhamn, from where the ferry departs towards Tromso. At your disposal will be an apartment called „Panorama 1” – with three bedrooms, a large living room and kitchen, a spacious bathroom and an additional private sauna!

Price - £690 + plane tickets

  • 4 nights in an apartment,
  • jacuzzi bath,
  • transfers airport – Senja – airport,
  • ferry Brensholmen – Senja – Brensholmen,
  • all journeys on site,
  • on-site guide care,
  • insurance,
  • dog sledding trip.
  • flight tickets,
  • food,
  • other personal expenses.

Some of my private photos with Senja – from the summer 🙂

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